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Atami Wilma 4 Pot Hydroponic Dripper System

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Manufacturer Description

Wilma dripper systems are one of our best selling hydroponic systems. They utilise all the good design features of Gro-tanks and combine that with a simple dripper system that allows you to use rockwool/ clay pebbles (Hydro Rokz) coco fibre or soil in 6.5L 11L or 18L pots depending on the type of Wilma bought. Using extra pots (which can be purchased separately) under a 125w or 250w fluorescent allows for a quicker turnaround at harvest time and gives the grower more flexibility in the grow room ie pots can be removed and replaced easily. Run with a reliable Grasslin segmental timer – cheaper timers can lose you a crop if they stop working. All seven Wilma’s come complete with tank tray pots pump delivery system flood drippers (for clay pebbles) and arrow drippers (for Soil and Coco mixes). The Wilma 4 is a great starter system and is ideal with a 400w light. 4 x 11L pots sit on a tray – 58.5 x 58cm which in turn rests on the 30L tank – 67 x 57cm. The pump is a MaxiJet 500. The Wilma 8 has 8 x 11L pots sitting on a tray – 109 x 60cm and the 70L reservoir is 116 x 59cm. Suits a 600w growlight. MJ1000 pump supplied. The Wilma 10 has the same dimensions as the Wilma 8 but the 10 pots are 6.5L rather than 11L and the tray is moulded differently to accommodate the smaller pots. Again this size will suit a 600w light. MJ1000 pump as standard. The new Wilma Big 4 uses 4 x 18L pots and the tray is 80 x 80cm. The tank is 79 x 68cm with a volume of 50L. 600w light recommended. Comes with an MJ500 pump. The three largest systems are all the same tray and tank size with different channels for the pots - The Wilma Big 9 pot uses 18L pots the Wilma 16 has 16 x 11L pots and the Wilma 20 uses 6.5L pots. Dimensions of tray 120 x 106cm tank is 120 x 106cm too volume 140L. All supplied with MJ1000 nutrient pump. The BigShop suggest that you use a Rena Airpump connected to a decent airstone in your tank for larger plants and flowers. As with all hydropon

Product Features

*FREE EXPEDITED DELIVERY FROM SOMERSET HYDROPONICS* The 2014 re-designed Atami Wilma 4 pot Hydroponic Dripper growing system is the little brother of the now famous Atami Wilma range. An excellent recirculating dripper system, ideal for the first time grower or for even the smallest growing spaces. 670mm x 580mm x 460mm (top of pot height) Tank volume- 30 litres Kit includes: - Pump & all fittings - 4x 11ltr pots - 4x Flood drippers - 4x Arrow drippers - Full instructions ** Please note: Clay Pebble growing medium NOT included **

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