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Wilma10 System Hydroponic Grow Kit with DS120 Grow Tent

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Manufacturer Description

'The secret Jardin DS120 grow inner tent (120 x 120 x 185 cm is the perfect size for a single 600 W or 400 W light, and in the highest quality test materials, abrasion resistant Fuego. Construction is a single work away from a guy in 15 minutos. at the beginning of your favourite seeds or cuttings, we have a broadened kit from root it includes Propagator, 24x Rockwool Seeds/cutting cubes, Root It Gel (For cuttings) root- It First Feed, Sterile Scalpel and as 'guide for cuttings or semillas. better results the light shines on your favourite plants, we have a resistance, Maxib right 600 W Compact Euro Reflector - Sunm Aster complete HPS and EZ adjustable lighting to hang your Rodillo. Para Cambiar su Light safe thanks to the cycles on/off switch programmed have, including controller/Powerplant 600 W/temporizador. For The Cleaning Of Air And Air/Odour we have the reliable Rhino RVK fan 100 mm Rhino Pro Carbon Filter, Filter, Ducting & Clips close from Atami Wilma system the add-on is a simple system of drop, offers the precise Cultivator, program (timer with pump for Wilma) Dose Of Nutrients, To Relax And To A High Capacity of health of the plants that grow in pots of organic coco substrate (included). The nourishment of your plants have taken Dutch Pro Grow Coco A & B and Coco Bloom A & B nutrients, DUTCH PRO take root (root growth stimulator) and Dutch Pro Multi Total (enhancer) Dutch Pro Nutrients are excellent for healthy growth and high performance in the system of Wilma émbolo. as you rise from roll, we recommend buying the amazing Dutch Pro Explode in the maintaining optimal pH in your tank (add item and mixing nutrients) we have provided pH drop down solution, a pipette and a simple test kit from Ph. only to ensure healthy growth we have a simple measuring device for temperature/humidity of monitor temperature and humidity and can help improve a healthy environment.

Product Features

The Wilma10 System Hydroponic Grow Kit with DS120 Grow Tent from Somerset Hydroponics includes: 1x Secret Jardin DS120 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.85mtr Grow-tent. 1x Wilma 10x6.5ltr pot system. (see Growing systems) 1x Segmental timer (for Wilma pump) 7x Coco blocks.(makes apprx 70ltrs growing medium) 10x ltrs Clay pebbles (drainage-base of pots) 1x 600w Euro Compact complete HPS lighting system. 1x EZ Roller adjustable light hanging kit. 1x Powerplant grow light timer. 1x 100mm/300mm Rhino Pro Filter. 1x 100mm Rhino in-line fan. 1x 100mmx10mtr Flexible aluminium ducting. 2x 100mm Fastening clips. 1x Digital Thermo/hygrometer. 1x 250ml pH Down Acid. 1x Liquid Ph Test kit. 1x 5ml Pipette 1x 1ltr Dutch Pro A&B Coco Grow Hard/ Soft water version. 1x 1ltr Dutch Pro A&B Coco Bloom Hard/ Soft water version. 1x 250ml Dutch Pro Take Root (root promoter) 1x 250ml Dutch Pro Multi Total (growth enhancer). 1x 100ml Syringe. 1x Root-It Propagation Kit. * This is an original Somerset Hydroponics kit *
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