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Green-Qube GQS1224 120x240x220cm Grow Tent

Price: £246.94
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Manufacturer Description

'The green Qube GQS1224 is the perfect medium to large sized quality grow tent. With dimensions of 120 cm x 240 cm x 220 cm, it offers a little more important head height, when with Grow Lights such as Gavita Pro 'S. The large design is ideal for use on the with horizontal with lots of space for writing and handling official business.. Equipped with some of the strongest tent poles, the are available on the market, and come with a simple, easy-click assembly, this growing tent is filled with practical design features. Premium quality features of the GQS1224 grow tent include: Strong and durable, powder coated bars Women's in corner pieces for ease of installation with oversized socks suitable for all types of wrapping Alzrohren Diamond Cut Mylar lining for 98% reflectivity Waterproof and extremely durable military zip window which bring easy to put on your plants happy memories uplift bars, The are perfect for cultivation from systems, where nutrient tank placement located outside the grow tent with a wide design for full use of the horizontal area removable water tray for easy cleaning of the new Lightsaver® feature which come as standard with all green Qube grow tent - ready to prevents 'Glow' of air vents. We were one of the earliest grow shops in the UK to supply the already legendary Green Qube - Roof Qube range of grow tent, and there is a US Maximum satisfaction to now offer our customers the highest quality GQ range of grow tent. The super strong poles with green Qube tent suitable for up to 100 kg Hanging, which is enough to support nearly any decor, and the, with the viewing window, you can keep an eye on your plants for under £6, without disturbing the growing environment. Overall, the famous GQS1224 is easy to put on a stage with other tents by leading brands such as secret Jardin Budbox and we recommend this tent a grower Premium tent that's built to last handcrafted in the UK - and a host of increasing customer needs.

Product Features

Premium features of the GQS1224 grow tent from Somerset Hydroponics include: Strong and durable powder coated poles - Click-in corner pieces for simple assembly Double oversized socks to fit all types of ducting - Diamond cut Mylar lining providing 98% reflectivity - Waterproof and extremely durable military-style zips - Viewing windows that let you easily check on your plants - Unique uplift bars that are perfect for growing systems where nutrient tank placement is ideally outside of the grow tent - Wide design for full utilisation of horizontal space - Removable water spill tray for easy cleaning - The brand new LIGHTSAVER® feature which comes as standard with all Green Qube grow tents, Instantly stops any 'glow' from air vents. Technical Specifications Dimensions: 120cm x 240cm x 220cm Poles: 25mm x 1mm Corners: 25mm x 1mm Hanging Weight: 100kg Ventilation Socks: 4 x 250mm extract socks, 1 x 250mm intake sock, 6 x 100mm cable socks Uplift Bar: 2 x uplift bars for Auto-Pots & IWS systems (a Green-Qube exclusive) Doors: 2 main access doors, 2 rear access doors, and 3 side access doors Windows: 2 viewing windows Trim: Double stitched Vents: Outside fine mesh passive vents with Velcro fastenings Hanging Straps: 2 nylon straps Spill Tray: Fully removable diamond cut Mylar
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