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DCOU Large Aluminum Spice Herb Grinder - Plant Grinder - Pollen Collector with Magnetic Lid and Pollen Catcher, 4 piece, 2.5 inches (Blue)

Price: £30.00 £12.00
You Save: £18.00 (60%)
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Manufacturer Description

We added more teeth and made the reservoir bigger!

Are you looking for a premium grinder at the best price? We are grinder users just like you. So we made the grinder you'd love, focusing on the best grinder for your money.

- Premium aircraft grade aluminum, precisely machined on computerized machines.
- Four piece grinder with micron stainless steel mesh filters out pollen.
- Optimum 2.5 inch size, grind a lot herbs in one go.
- Super sharp, well designed, correctly placed teeth for the best grind, does not rip or shred.
- Powerful Neodymium magnets keep the lid on and leftover herbs fresh and odor free.
- Textured sides on the lid give the best slide free grip when grinding your herbs.
- Balanced weight, correct size and thickness of grinder and teeth.
- Tough and reliable, lasts forever.
- Silent Grind, smooth and quiet

Get The Ultimate Premium Herb and Spice Grinder Made Just For You!
Grinding by hand your own herbs, and spices in this beautiful machine is the great way to enjoy the pleasures of cooking with fine herbs, making home herbal remedies and teas,coffee and spice.

We know you will love it and if you do not - No Hassle Returns For A Refund. Work with a company you can trust!

And since we are the manufacturer we give you a Lifetime Warranty!

Buy your DCOU Grinder now, you will love it.

Product Features

EXCELLENT DESIGN: The transparent center section allows you to see your beautiful herbals without extracting the parts. The mesh filter on a regular grinder tends to clog up, and the grinder is useless. With the DCOU grinder, you just unscrew the mesh filter and change it. BEST QUALITY AND DESIGN - This is the biggest and finest grinder model made with an acrylic window and clear top. It's transparent center section allows you to see your fine herbals, tobaccos, and ingredients from the garden as they drop into the collection chamber after being crushed. Our unique design is not only a beautiful show piece but is extremely strong and durable grade, made by solid cnc machining, neodymium magnets, and anodized color coating. POWERFUL - Whether you are grinding fine herbs, spices, tobacco, or medical herbs, you can now get the best grind possible. Zip Grinders easy to turn precision glide rings combined with so many diamond shaped sharp teeth makes your grinding more consistent and smooth. If you use this as a tobacco grinder for smoking you will find this grind so easy to roll, & easy to smoke. TOP QUALITY & DESIGN: Built from heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum on high-precision computerized CNC machines for the utmost quality, sharpest teeth and longest durability. The optimum 2.5-inch size ensures you can grind a lot of herbs in one go. 47 diamond-cut razor sharp grinding teeth ensure you get a perfect crush every time.The powerful built-in neodymium magnets keeps the lid secure, the herbs fresh and the odors sealed inside. YOUR BEST CHOICE: Perfect for bringing out the best flavor and maintaining the highest potency of your herb, spice, tea, tobacco, cigarette, kief, bud, pot. Best quality 2.5 inch premium herb grinder made from aircraft-grade, ultra durable, heavy duty anodized aluminum. Comes packed with 47 diamond-cut razor sharp grinding teeth for the most effective grinding action, as well as a stainless steel micron pollen filter, pollen scraper and pollen catcher for all your grinding needs.

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